Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My New Home!

I'm so happy! Though no matter how annoying my master is, she cares about me a lot. She never fails to feed me and changes the bedding in my home. Yesterday, she introduced me to my new home. Boy, I was so happy. No words could express how excited I was. It has two storeys, a house, a noiseless wheel (damn, how to annoy my master in the future?) and a slide! (though I wasn't really sure how to use it in the first place but I got the hang of it now...happily sliding my way down whenever I need to use it).

I was so happy that I ended up exploring my new home for hours!

1 comment:

minju said...

OMG!! You have your own space, power station! I want one too... I wish my master is as good as yours Miniju.

My power station is only made of paper >.< You're officially the coolest hamster of the club now.