Thursday, April 3, 2008

Miniju joins the club

Hi, I'm Miniju. I'm considered the biggest among the four of us because I like to eat and sleep during the day and only exercise during the wee hours of the night. It's an ideal time for me to move around and do whatever I want because my owner sleeps at that time.

Oh yeah, my owner is called madfurry. It's not that she likes to eat mcflurry all the time but she goes mad over furry creatures when she sees one around. Making the so-called cute voices, trying to babytalk to me. Hello? I'm considered an adult now. Unfortunately, I and another hamster were picked to be her furry toys so we got a new home. Uhh.. it's okay. It has a wheel in it. Oh boy, how I enjoy running on it in the mornings, waking up my master. She would definitely wake up because she's a light sleeper... and I enjoy watching her rolling in her bed from one side to the other. Sometimes she tries to cover the noise by putting a pillow on one of her ears. I very much enjoy annoying my master who also likes to annoy me during the day. Pay back time! Muahaha~

It's my nap time. Here I go now looking for a nice spot to sleep behind the wheel.. tata!

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