Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lulu's Failed Mission

(Sigh) hey... I'm Lulu. I'm not really in the mood of creative writing so I will just keep this post as short and simple as possible. You guys must be wondering why I sound so down especially in my first post (sigh).

Long story cut short, I failed to escape from my master, madfurry. It was so close, so close to eternal freedom! but why, why did she have to come back to discover that I was missing from my cage. It was the worst afternoon. She decided to clean my cage cause' she thought I was ripping off my bed but little did she know that I was actually shaping it to become a more comfortable bed for myself. Unfortunately, she didn't speak my language so I had no idea how to stop her from throwing away my bed!! Arrghh~

She gave me a candle box to replace the eyewear box (huh,candle box?what the?). She went out for lunch without realizing that she left the lid of the cage opened. woohoo! that was great news. Something in me was telling me that I could try to climb out through the bottle... yeah,I tried and I succeeded! Wow... I couldn't believe it myself. Then...I went wandering around...and ouch!!

2 hours later, my owner found me hidden in between of her bags.

I ended up...

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