Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mr Camera and Me!

^_^ Y

Wohoo...I can finally sneak into the computer room without my master's knowledge! She has been in front of the computer 24/7 these days. It's hard for me to blog with her playing games and watching movies on it. I wonder why she's not going to classes like she used to.

There are so many many things that I want to tell you about but I've forgotten more than half of it already while waiting for my turn to use the computer. But nevermind about that. Yesterday, my master introduced Mr Camera number 2 to me. He looks very weird indeed. He has only one eye and makes weird clicking and beeping sounds very much louder than Mr Camera number 1, who likes to steal pictures of me when I am unaware.

At first, I am very curious about how Mr Camera smells or tastes like but I keep falling down while chasing Mr Camera around on the table. I should look at where I am walking... My master caught me in the middle of my 10th chase and asked me to calm down. I'm glad to oblige (woh...I'm using big human words) because I get rewarded with nuts and pieces of dried fruit.

Mr Camera is very good at taking photos of me. Look! I am the bestest hammy model, right?

I've learned that if I stayed still enough when Mr Camera is in front of me, the pictures are much more sharper and the foods I get are bigger!

I love my master. Well, I used to hate her so much, biting her hand was my favourite past time. But, you should not bite the hand that feeds you...Now, I'd run towards the direction of her voice whenever she calls my name because I know, I've trained my master well. She'd feed me when she sees my well-practiced adorable look.

I do miss my hammy club members. Wonder when we could all meet together again?

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