Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This is Master Minju speaking...

Hello, hello...I'm back! And now I've mastered lots and lots of skills and hammy-foos (aka kung fu in human language).

Now, I am proud to share to all you hammies out there, skills on how to control YOUR HUMAN. Be sure to watch the video below!!!

Haiiii YAK!! *does a hammy-foo flying kick*

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mr Camera and Me!

^_^ Y

Wohoo...I can finally sneak into the computer room without my master's knowledge! She has been in front of the computer 24/7 these days. It's hard for me to blog with her playing games and watching movies on it. I wonder why she's not going to classes like she used to.

There are so many many things that I want to tell you about but I've forgotten more than half of it already while waiting for my turn to use the computer. But nevermind about that. Yesterday, my master introduced Mr Camera number 2 to me. He looks very weird indeed. He has only one eye and makes weird clicking and beeping sounds very much louder than Mr Camera number 1, who likes to steal pictures of me when I am unaware.

At first, I am very curious about how Mr Camera smells or tastes like but I keep falling down while chasing Mr Camera around on the table. I should look at where I am walking... My master caught me in the middle of my 10th chase and asked me to calm down. I'm glad to oblige (woh...I'm using big human words) because I get rewarded with nuts and pieces of dried fruit.

Mr Camera is very good at taking photos of me. Look! I am the bestest hammy model, right?

I've learned that if I stayed still enough when Mr Camera is in front of me, the pictures are much more sharper and the foods I get are bigger!

I love my master. Well, I used to hate her so much, biting her hand was my favourite past time. But, you should not bite the hand that feeds you...Now, I'd run towards the direction of her voice whenever she calls my name because I know, I've trained my master well. She'd feed me when she sees my well-practiced adorable look.

I do miss my hammy club members. Wonder when we could all meet together again?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My New Home!

I'm so happy! Though no matter how annoying my master is, she cares about me a lot. She never fails to feed me and changes the bedding in my home. Yesterday, she introduced me to my new home. Boy, I was so happy. No words could express how excited I was. It has two storeys, a house, a noiseless wheel (damn, how to annoy my master in the future?) and a slide! (though I wasn't really sure how to use it in the first place but I got the hang of it now...happily sliding my way down whenever I need to use it).

I was so happy that I ended up exploring my new home for hours!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lulu's Failed Mission

(Sigh) hey... I'm Lulu. I'm not really in the mood of creative writing so I will just keep this post as short and simple as possible. You guys must be wondering why I sound so down especially in my first post (sigh).

Long story cut short, I failed to escape from my master, madfurry. It was so close, so close to eternal freedom! but why, why did she have to come back to discover that I was missing from my cage. It was the worst afternoon. She decided to clean my cage cause' she thought I was ripping off my bed but little did she know that I was actually shaping it to become a more comfortable bed for myself. Unfortunately, she didn't speak my language so I had no idea how to stop her from throwing away my bed!! Arrghh~

She gave me a candle box to replace the eyewear box (huh,candle box?what the?). She went out for lunch without realizing that she left the lid of the cage opened. woohoo! that was great news. Something in me was telling me that I could try to climb out through the bottle... yeah,I tried and I succeeded! Wow... I couldn't believe it myself. Then...I went wandering around...and ouch!!

2 hours later, my owner found me hidden in between of her bags.

I ended up...

Monday, April 21, 2008

My weekend exploration...

Today I am going to document my explorations across the the great canyon, onto the big, blue open desert and my sky diving experience. I've going been through all those places and back again to my home many, many times all in one day! This is mainly thanks to my private jet (it's my master's hand though, if you're wondering...but thinking that way makes one dull and uncreative).

All these, you shall see in the video below. Enjoy the show!

Oh, don't worry, I'm fine! No bruises or anything, a small fall like that can't kill me. See, this is the proof that I'm okay :D

I know...cheesy music... But, I do say, that music suits me so well.

Minji was with me the whole weekend. I really,
really think her master abandoned her. She's been eating too much of my food lately so I need to go and grab that sunflower seed from her before she eats it all up. Bye bye for now.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Minji, Miniju and Me

Today, we had our very first committee meeting! Miniju and Minji were here and boy, were they noisy creatures indeed. I tried to greet them but they both shouted at me. Well, at least the girls and I became friends at the end of the meeting.

I still don't understand those two girls. They can't seem to get along with each other at all. (I think they both have a crush on me though. I AM the handsomest hamster there is after all) was such a commotion. I took out a piece of popcorn from my cheek pouch and watched them as they fight. My master had to separate them to stop them from clawing and biting each other. I think the drama ended way too early for me to enjoy. I didn't even get to finish my popcorn.

Minji is staying over for the night at my place. I think her master abandoned her. Poor thing... I shall try my best to be a good host and ease her loneliness.

It's been a long day, I'll go over Minji's corner and sleep now. Goodnight everyone...
(P/s: I think Minji is starting to like me more...ohoho...)

Monday, April 7, 2008

I May Be Small...

Today, I met Minji (otherwise known as Pacatie). I wanted so much to impress her with my acrobatic skills and my incredible climbing stunts but all she did was raise her voice at me. I really don't understand her. I climbed up to the highest roof of my cage, sky-dived down and landed right in front of her with my best super hero pose and guess what she did? She yawned and proceeded to fall asleep!!!

I feel heartbroken...

After a good sleep and nice dish of food. I decided to get over with the episode and move on with my life. Besides, she might change her opinion of me the next time we meet.

Here I was scheming on how to take over the world (I may be small but I dream BIG dreams) and I fell asleep. My master caught me on camera. This is so embarrassing...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Miniju joins the club

Hi, I'm Miniju. I'm considered the biggest among the four of us because I like to eat and sleep during the day and only exercise during the wee hours of the night. It's an ideal time for me to move around and do whatever I want because my owner sleeps at that time.

Oh yeah, my owner is called madfurry. It's not that she likes to eat mcflurry all the time but she goes mad over furry creatures when she sees one around. Making the so-called cute voices, trying to babytalk to me. Hello? I'm considered an adult now. Unfortunately, I and another hamster were picked to be her furry toys so we got a new home. Uhh.. it's okay. It has a wheel in it. Oh boy, how I enjoy running on it in the mornings, waking up my master. She would definitely wake up because she's a light sleeper... and I enjoy watching her rolling in her bed from one side to the other. Sometimes she tries to cover the noise by putting a pillow on one of her ears. I very much enjoy annoying my master who also likes to annoy me during the day. Pay back time! Muahaha~

It's my nap time. Here I go now looking for a nice spot to sleep behind the wheel.. tata!

First Post!!!

Hello everybody, my name is Minju :D This is the first time I'm exploring outside of my cage. I find a lot of interesting things to chew on. Especially the yellow carpet on the table here. My master calls it a table cloth but it is so many times bigger than me so it must be a carpet.

I love skydiving. I can just walk to the edge of the table and whenever I feel like it, I shall jump! My master is always there to catch me so I have no fear. I am the bravest hamster ever ohohohoh!

Ah, let me introduce to you my master. Her name is Nativeevil. And like her name, she is very evil. She likes to pick me up and play with me >.< But I want to be left alone... Ah well, I guess it isn't so bad now that I think about it. I could get used to playing with her.

I have just moved into an extremely large cage. I shall show you how it looks like next time I get the chance to use my master's computer.

I'm feeling a little lonely now. I can't wait to meet the rest of the Creative Hammy Club members.