Monday, April 21, 2008

My weekend exploration...

Today I am going to document my explorations across the the great canyon, onto the big, blue open desert and my sky diving experience. I've going been through all those places and back again to my home many, many times all in one day! This is mainly thanks to my private jet (it's my master's hand though, if you're wondering...but thinking that way makes one dull and uncreative).

All these, you shall see in the video below. Enjoy the show!

Oh, don't worry, I'm fine! No bruises or anything, a small fall like that can't kill me. See, this is the proof that I'm okay :D

I know...cheesy music... But, I do say, that music suits me so well.

Minji was with me the whole weekend. I really,
really think her master abandoned her. She's been eating too much of my food lately so I need to go and grab that sunflower seed from her before she eats it all up. Bye bye for now.


Fubuki said...

hey minju, i have this problem, there's this hand; very similar to the one in your video, it's always interfering with my great escapes plan. if in any case where you managed to outsmart the hands, please, contact me.

p/s looking at you reminds me of the penguin in happy feet. maybe you should try dancing. just a suggestion.

minju said...

well this is easily solved... you need to give that hand a nip once in a while. when it least expected it, sink your teeth in real hard. it'll retreat to nurse its injury while you'll be able to roam around with total freedom! though i have to warn you, you shouldn't skydive after that. your safety net would suddenly go missing mysteriously.

dancing is oh so tiring though it is absolutely rewarding. i tried dancing in front of my cage door once and a piece of fried chicken dropped from the sky. like OMG!!!